Monday, April 30, 2012

The One Who's in Transition

Please bear with the lack of posts.  My life is in transition right now.  Well, my career to be exact.  You see, when I resigned from teaching last year, it was because I wanted to challenge myself.  So I went corporate-ish.  I would like to believe that doing so was not at all a mistake but I had always known where my heart was in. Even my husband my told me her could tell because my "corporate smile" was different from my "teaching smile."  I bet it was just in my eyes.  I did not want to admit it at first but even this blog had taken a different voice.  Blogging used to be a part of my life; nowadays, posting a blog entry in a week has become some sort of a luxury.

Anyway, while being in the office has made me somewhat happy (and I have made really good friends with some of my colleagues), I shall be entering the portals of the academe once again.  I shall be "Teacher Rae" once again.  I shall be draped in paisleys and florals and pastel colors once again.  I shall be wiping little angels' asses once again (and mopping vomit off the floor).  I can't wait to make handmade toys once again.  Perhaps, I'll get my "teaching smile" back.  And hopefully, this blog will regain its original voice, one that I consider to be happy and contented and not hurried.

So to my lovely readers (not that there are many of you.  Hahaha!), kindly wait patiently until my life has settled into its new routine with blogging certainly a part of it.

Have a lovely week. :)