Monday, September 12, 2016

The One About Pinto Art Museum

One bright, sunny day in June, my friends and I took on a long drive to Antipolo.  Antipolo is quite far from my residence but I have been wanting to go there for the longest time.

You see, Pinto Art Museum beckons.

Whether or not one lives nearby, Pinto Art Museum feels like it’s worlds away.  You’d feel transported to another realm with its white-washed walls, lush greenery, abundance of natural light, and fresh air.  The entire place is peaceful and inviting.

Nestled in a huge property in the mountains of Antipolo, the place is divided into several galleries, gardens, and a lovely cafĂ©, with sculptures ranging from pretty to cute to bizarre dotting the greenery.  The galleries are home to works by various artists.  I have noticed that the artists use every medium imaginable to create their masterpieces – yes, there ‘s every kind of paint, clay, and textile but there is also x-ray film, wire, and other found objects.  A visual treat awaits at every nook and cranny of the place.


It’s not everyday that I come across a thing of beauty.  Pinto Art Museum has an abundance of beautiful things – and it’s not just the art.  The wooden doors, the flowers that sweep the staircase, the inviting outdoor couch, the al fresco dining sets…everything just comes so beautifully put together, making Pinto Art Museum truly a place for creativity and inspiration.