Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Nugget

Happy midweek, lovelies!  Take the plunge before the week comes to an end. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The One About My New Bento Box

It's a not-so-new bento box, actually.  I made this several months ago for Hon-some's niece to get him to gorge. :)  It was nice to discover how nifty I was with a toothpick. :)

 I used rice, chicken nuggets, Vienna sausages, cheese (for the parts of the face which were glued to the chicken nuggets using ketchup), and seedless grapes.  Oh, and a gummy hotdog sandwich for dessert.

Writing about this bento box has made me miss playing with food!  Anyway, happy crafting!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Nugget

The midweek also needs a pick-me-upper...

I never get tired of reading this quote. :)  Happy midweek, everyone!  I hope nuggets like this will help see you through the rest of the week!


Monday, July 2, 2012

The One About the Schultuete

Germans have this tradition of presenting children with a "school cone" on the first day of school.  The school cone is called a "schultuete" because the packaging takes the shape of a cone and is filled with school supplies and treats.  It is common to see school children walking the streets of Germany to school holding a schultuete which is prepared for them by their parents.

I had a German student once and on the first day of school, he came in with a schultuete.  I never forgot it.  So when Hon-some's nephew was going to school for the very first time, I just knew I had to make him one.

I used a cartolina and made a cone shape out of it.

 A year ago, I snapped up some sheets of adhesive fabric so I used it as a trimming for the cone.

 Then I filled it with school supplies.  I was supposed to put in candies and treats but I didn't want him to eat too much sugar.

 Then I used tissue paper and glued it in the inside edges of the cone then gathered the edges and tied it with a ribbon.

I left it for him even before he woke up on his first school day.

The happy school boy with his Daddy!

Have a craftin' week, everyone!