Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The One About the Fossil Craft

Earth Science provided an excellent crafting opportunity.  My second grade students and I were talking about fossils -- how they were formed, what a paleontologist is, why people study fossils.  I did not have real fossils on hand so I had to resort to illustrations and videos.  At the end of the unit, I had my students make craft fossils to emphasize the imprinting that happens in fossil formation and how it can be used to study living things.

It's real easy. :)  My students pressed play dough at the bottom of a paper bowl.

We scoured the school grounds for rocks, leaves, and even sea shells and used them to make imprints.

I then helped them mix 4 parts water and 8 parts Plaster of Paris and poured it over the play dough and rocks (or leaves or shells).  After a few hours, we tore the paper bowl and scraped off the play dough.

The fun part was painting the fossils.  I know it doesn't look authentic if painted but we preferred that they looked pretty. :)

As a creative writing link, they wrote stories about their fossils, spinning tales about the creature that made the imprint, what they ate, how they lived, and, of course, how they died.

How's that for crafts in Science?  Happy crafting! :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Tidbits: Crafty Tidbits

Crafty Tidbit 1:  My good friend Ginger gifted me with a sewing box last New Year.  I'm in love with the vintage print!  I have just resumed making felt food with Miss Gertie (my sewing machine) and the box now houses all my felt food projects.  Now if only I can have the book version of the box!

Sorry for the dim lighting!

Crafty Tidbit 2:  After what seemed like forever, I finally picked up my knitting needles again last weekend and rediscovered the joy of knitting.  I don't particularly enjoy watching television but when I do, knitting is the perfect choice of craft because it's actually possible to enjoy maneuvering the needles and yarn while watching the boob tube.

Crafty Tidbit 3:  It's not really a craft magazine but I finally got my hands on a Darling magazine!  I have been lusting over this magazine for a long time now.  I am hoping it will give me a rush of inspiration the way Anthology does.  So far, I cannot put this darling down.

It's a new week, lovelies.  Make something beautiful. :)

Friday, January 17, 2014

The One About the Hong Kong Food Diaries

Somehow, we always find ourselves going back. :)

On our recent trip to Hong Kong, it became apparent that Hon-some and I will never seem to get tired of the vibrant city.  And yes, that's coming from a pro-provincial life girl like me.  There is always something new to discover, be it a lovely park, a foodie find, a retail treasure, or a breezy January cold spell.  Upon discovering that my camera contained nothing but food snapshots, the only way to tell this story is, of course, from a gastronomical angle.

First meal of the day (and always is as in our other trips to HK) is at McDonald's because we are die-hard fans of the golden arches.  Plus, it's fun discovering new menu items that are not locally available here.  Like the Grilled Chicken Burger with real chicken fillet.  Not the mashed chicken patty type.  And we thanked our lucky stars that Twister Fries were being offered when we were there!

After lunch and checking-in, we spent the rest of the day in Kowloon and Mongkok to search for a pair of what we thought were elusive sneakers.  :)

Dinner was barbecued pork.  Another HK staple because, really, it just tastes better when eaten there. :)

The following day, when the rest of the family (just 14 of us) were getting ready for Disneyland, Hon-some and I continued searching the perfect pair of sneakers...and craft stores!  Day 2 started with breakfast at McDonald's.  I got the Tonkatsu Deluxe Set.

The breakfast set was so good I ordered it again the following day.  Hehe!  After a lot of walking, we found our shoes and a craft store and I got a couple of rulers.  Rulers?!?!  It's geek thing.  Hahaha!

No, but really, I can use them for sewing and crafts.  Like this 24-inch ruler...

...and a flexible curve ruler for perfect collars and necklines!!!

Anyhoo, another HK must-eat for me is a warm bowl of the most perfect sliced pork and Century egg congee.  Steaming hot until the last spoonful. :)

And then somewhere during the day I had these...

That's crayfish soup!  Saaaarrraaaappp!

Breakfast on Day 3 was at KFC.  Flava roast chicken, egg, sausage, and honey biscuit.  And then we were off to Central.

I met these beauties at Tim Ho Wan, the world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant. :)  We also had their siomai, steamed vegetables, machang, chicken feet, radish cake, and stuffed rice roll.  Lunch was a party in my tummy. :)

That night, we did some shopping at H&M and Page One and had pan-fried pork dumplings (10 dumplings per serving!) with pork ball soup at Silvercord.

Our four-day vacation to HK was literally a food trip!  After each heavy meal, we really had to walk off all the calories.  But then again, that's how we are.  In HK, we eat, we walk, and we get lost in the charm of the country's every nook and cranny. :)

My tummy's still thanking me to this day but my waistline and I...well, we were never the best of friends to begin with. :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bring it on, 2014!

Is it really January 15th already?  December 2013 took over me like a demanding diva and, late as it is (and haggard as I am), I welcome 2014 brimming with hope for new beginnings and more bountiful blessings.

I am naturally a “list” person.  I love making lists and goal-setting lists are no exception.  Just before 2013 ended, I treated myself to some “me” time and had brunch at Pi Breakfast and Pies where I discovered renewed belief in our (Hon-some and mine) dreams as I listed down goals for the year.

Huevos Rancheros, Key Lime Pie, and Coffee at Pi Breakfast and Pies

Now, I’m not going to be one of those bloggers that will bombard you with goal samples, although I have to admit, reading other people’s goals (and beautifully illustrated ones at that) further fuel my drive, determination, and discipline to stick to the plan.

Therefore, I am simply going to sum up all my goals for this year into one thematic statement:  Become a better version of myself.

Better diet and food intake

Better health

Better finances

Better body

Better crafter

Better sewer

Better blogger

Better cook

Better teacher

Better wife

A better spiritual life

Better daughter

Better sister

A better me. J

In a nutshell (as if the theme wasn’t encompassing enough), 2014 will be a year of listening to my heart, pursuing my dreams, and going out of my comfort zone and taking risks.

Bring it on, 2014!