Monday, May 9, 2011

The One About the Mother's Day Topiary

This year, I wanted to veer away from the usual greeting card as my students' gifts to their moms for Mother's Day. Not that there's anything wrong with greeting cards. I just wanted to do something different...

So we made tissue paper topiaries.

You start with a styrofoam ball and glue crumpled tissue paper all over it. Prior to gluing tissue paper, I inserted a chopstick in the ball so the kids can hold it easily.

For the "pots," I used paper cups with foam inside to pierce the chopstick through then hid it with crumpled green tissue paper. Very similar to this.

They even decorated the topiary with decorative punch outs which they simply pinned down into the ball (great fine motor skills activity, by the way) with sewing pins.

Happy Mother's Day crafting!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The One About Cafe Juanita

My family and I had my post-birthday celebration at Cafe Juanita, a place that has been piquing our interest since it drew raves in the blogosphere for some time now. I knew it primarily served Filipino food. Thing is, Hon-some and I don't really fancy Filipino restaurants. As he says, "If you really want to eat really good Filipino food, you don't go out; you stay in because nothing beats a homecooked meal." Makes sense.

However, my family has been wanting to try Cafe Juanita and so one sunny Sunday, we trooped over to the restaurant to try out their lunch buffet (but of course!).

The restaurant's interiors...

...and the food!

Molo soup (yum!)

Filipino salad (I loved the grilled eggplants!)

First main course (I loved the knotted string beans!)

Second main course (Hehehe!)


The food was soooo good that I almost threw Hon-some's theory out of the window! Kidding! Seriously, though, if you're too tired to cook at home and are hungry for really good Filipino food, Cafe Juanita may just hit the spot for you. :)