Monday, August 18, 2014

The One About the Felt Cookie Set

Yes, there's a new felt food set!  And I must say that it's painstakingly adorable!  Just thinking about the enormous amount of attention to detail that I have put in the project and sewing through all those nooks and crannies ups the preciousness factor of the set!

It's definitely a little girl's dream baking set.  Here's a closer look at all the handcrafted cookies...

Chocolate chip cookies

Iced sugar cookies with sprinkles

Peanut butter cookies

Dark chocolate cookies with white chips

Gingerbread cookies

And for good measure, here's a closeup of the incredible details. :)

I made two of each cookie so any little girl can share them with a friend...or a stuffed rabbit during make-believe tea time.

Happy crafting!