My Story

Creative pursuits.
Inspired living.
Handmade happiness.

But first, introductions are in order.  Hello, I’m Rae aka Little Miss Pinay Crafter.  I’m a full-time preschool and elementary art teacher and a part-time crafter.  The passion for crafts and an inspired life has given fuel to my little virtual space since 2009.  From its beginnings as a way to document my handmade efforts, it is now a delightful trove of crafty projects, literary endeavors, and gastronomical adventures in my tiny kitchen.  Well, those and then some…

With the intention of crafting a life with soul and success, this blog serves as an avenue to channel both the deeply meaningful and the whimsically exciting beliefs I hold dear as I strive to live a creatively purposeful and inspiringly significant life that is grounded on faith and grace.

I believe…

…in pursuing passions and following your curiosity.

…in living a simple but inspired and creative life.

…in eating wholesome and homemade meals.

…in the transformative power of prayers.

…in the pick-me-up potential of skirts, bows, and fresh flowers.

…in books, not dogs, being man’s best friend.  And that you can never have enough  
    of them.

…in the beauty of handmade and the charm of imperfections.

…in the boldness of a red lip and the simple chicness of nude.

…in eating well and travelling once a year to a new place I’ve never been.

…in a well-executed cheese board complete with all its accoutrements (believe me, it
    goes better with movies than popcorn!).

…in God – His grace, His love, His forgiveness, His immense blessings.

…in the possibility of living a life I love when it is deeply rooted in faith and
    God’s favor.

…in the many things my hands can make…and the many things I can be.

It would indeed be lovely if one or two of these beliefs resonate with you.  If you're one to join me on a creative journey, please feel free to explore my crafty adventures and inspirational endeavors.  For inquiries and creative collaborations, I can be reached at  Or let's connect at IG: @littlemisspinaycrafter

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