Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The One About The Personal Library Kit

Twig and Thistle is one of my favorite blogs. It's in my Google Reader, in fact, so I won't miss out on its newest posts. I chanced upon this beautiful personal library kit. I have a number of friends who happen to be bookworms and two of them were my co-teachers in preschool before. I thought they'd love having this kit so when I met up with them for our Binondo food tripping, I made these kits for them.

Each kit had checkout cards and checkout card holders.

This is a page saver. From now on, I'm calling all my bookmarks "page savers" as in: "I need to take a break from reading for some tea and scones but I can't quite find my page saver." And I say this with a British accent. :)

A book journal to keep track of overdue books or as a wishlist of books to have and read. There are also tabs to keep the checkout cards organized alphabetically.

I printed everything on pink cardstock because the color looks lovely with expresso brown. I tied all the contents with a gold ribbon and placed them in brown boxes which I found at The Wrap Shop.

I placed the bandwrap around the box then wrote my friends' names in front.

The happy recipients!

The kits would also be great as book club favors and book-themed party giveaways. See the kit and instructions here. Happy crafting!

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