Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The One About Another Diaper Cake

My cousin and his wife are expecting a baby girl in a few months. When I was invited to their baby shower, I knew right away the perfect gift to give. I made a diaper cake before and you can read about that here. That was first ever blog post. For this baby shower, I made a new diaper cake.

Clearly, it's way better.

I used cotton towels to wrap the diapers and snuck in three teddy bears in between.

One of the bears was a toothbrush.

For the top layer, I used BPA-free milk bottles and bottles of baby lotion, baby wash, and baby powder.

I had so much fun making it! I still have a lot on my (craft) plate, though: recipe binder pages, a library kit for a friend, crafty invite proposals to my maid of honor and bridesmaids. Oh, and I still haven't shown you yet the stuff I've sewn at fashion school! Backlog galore!

Until then, happy crafting! :)

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