Monday, November 15, 2010

The One About the Buffet and My Buffet Bestie

Teddy Bird is my buffet bestie. We click because we both love to eat, among other things. We especially like eating at hole-in-the-wall places that are pocket-friendly. We especially like buffets and so on one Sunday morning, we had the breakfast buffet at Chef's Bistro in the Scout Area in QC.

It was not a buffet of grand proportions but it had the good stuff: beef tapa, pork tocino, fish, steamed pork with egg, danggit, eggs, champorado, pancakes, and sweet baked pumpkin. I took this picture of my danggit serving because it reminded me of breakfast in Cebu. I miss Cebu...but that's another story.

We had more than enough servings to stuff ourselves with to the delight of our tummies. Come lunch time, we were still feeling stuffed so we decided to go for something "sinfully light..."

Hmm...rum cake or triple decker cheesecake?

I'll have both if you don't mind! Hahaha! :)

That night, we had dinner at my cousins'. Once again, we stuffed ourselves to the brim. No more pictures, though, lest I disgust you even further with our incredible appetite!

Next stop: the Spiral buffet at Sofitel. We don't normally go for expensive dining being the el cheapos that we are but we couldn't resist it when we're getting it at - wait for it - 50% off! Until then!

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