Monday, February 7, 2011

The One About Chinese New Year

In one of our mall trips to check out wedding invitations, TB (or Hon-some as I am wont to call him soon enough -- haha!) and I stumbled upon this wasteland-looking store. A "wasteland" is what a store is called when it entices you to buy loads of stuff you don't really need but you just find them irresistibly cute. A great example is Saizen (or Daiso in Japan).

So anyway, TB and I went in this store that appeared to be nameless and I looked around their stuff and I found myself standing in front of a shelf filled with Wilton products. I excitedly called TB and said, "Look! Just like the stuff in Gourdo's!"

Then TB pulled me to where there were plates, glasses, and other tableware and I realized how strangely similar the plates were to those in Gourdo's. That's when it struck me: we were in the outlet store of Gourdo's!

I couldn't believe our luck! Wilton stuff at discounted prices/buy-one-take-one offers! Party knickknacks at half the price! Pretty, pretty tableware at a fraction of the cost!

Anyhoo, I found these Chinese takeout boxes in their party section and I thought they would be perfect favors for Chinese New Year.

I printed out these "I'm so fortunate to have you tags" here.

I printed them out on sticker paper and then Mod Podge-d them for a shiny finish.

Sorry for the bad pictures. Our house has bad lighting. *sheesh*

I found this darling picture of TB's nephew dressed in Chinese wear and I stuck that one onto the back of one of the boxes.

The idea behind the tag was to put in some fortune cookies but our local grocery ran out and the kids I was going to give these favors to weren't really fond of fortune cookies so instead, I placed rice crackers (more Japanese than Chinese, I know) and gold chocolate coins.

They turned out fine. TB's nephew loved the chocolate and so did the other kid -- TB himself. Hahaha!

Happy crafting! :)

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