Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The One About the Easter Craft

Here's a late post (teehee!!!) on a charming Easter craft. Great as a giveaway on your next Easter egg hunt!

I got these cupcake wrappers here and here.

I then wrapped them around some small paper cups. They won't exactly fit but they'll be snug enough.

I cut a sheet scrapbook paper into strips. I was amused with prints-on-prints at this time.

I used tape (or double-sided tape) to attach the strips onto the cupcake wrappers to make small baskets.

Inside the baskets, I stuffed cut up styrofoam. You can also use florist's foam (floral foam? flower foam?).

Then I scrunched up sheets of green tissue paper. Another great idea would be to shred the tissue paper using a paper shredder to make "green grass."

Then I stuck a bunny-shaped lollipop onto the foam and placed some chocolate eggs (Easter eggs) in the basket.

Nice! It makes for a great spring craft as well!

Happy crafting! :)

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