Thursday, October 6, 2011

The One About Food and More Food

I'm still alive!  It's been almost a month since my last post.  I was preparing for my final thesis defense in my MA program and had to eliminate as much other activities as I could.  Sadly, that included blogging and crafting (but not Facebook-ing!!!  Hahaha!). Now that it's all over (I passed!) - well, not entirely as I still have revisions to worry about - life seems to be settling into the same old tune it used to sing.  Yes, I'm about to start crafting again.  I've been hoarding craft stuff all this time, counting the days when I can finally get my hands dirty, burnt, and scathed once again.
Until I finish my craft projects, I shall be bombarding this blog with several overdue food posts.  I may not have had as much time for crafts but when nourishment (and an overload of it) comes a-calling, I'm so there.

Some months ago, Hon-some and I and my in-laws went to Chelsea Market at Serendra.  The food was hefty, great-tasting, and just superb.  Some morsels of the pasta have settled into my waistline -- even to this day.

Complimentary foccacia with Italian bread dip

I forget the name of the dish.  It's tempura-ish.  There's asparagus, capers, and lemon slices.

That was one mean meatball on top of that mound of pasta!

Burger with blue cheese and bacon with a side of potato wedges. (Don't worry, Burger Project, you're still my favorite!)

Again, I forget the name of the dish but this tasted like chicken.  (Hehehe...)

It feels great to be blogging again!  Till next time! :)

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