Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Tidbits

The past weekend seemed to have gone by in a blur.  Still, I managed to take some snapshots of it:

Our new project. :)

Even though they weren't perfect yet, they went so well with this...

 Organic red kamote tops tea!  Learned it from school and even Hon-some likes it.  It's perfect when hot but Hon-some likes it cold.  Yup, we're still health nuts...but I have to admit, we snuck in some burgers and fried chicken somewhere in the weekend.  Teehee!

And then we met up with my family for dinner at Pages Deli at Shangri-La Mall.  Soup, sandwiches, pasta, and a tasty cheese platter.  Nix the burger! :)

I'm hoping to squeeze in some crafting next weekend.  I'm excited for Playthings by Wicked Crafts but I'm still making the first collection.  Ooohh!!  And I started a craft club in school.  More details on that soon.  Until then, have a great week, lovelies. :)

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