Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The One About the 32nd

I just turned 32. :)  Normally, I'd take a leave off from work on my birthday and spend it alone and do anything I want.  This year, I did away with that and showed up at my usual weekday routine.  And I'm glad I did.  My grade-level partner and other teachers and all 26 second graders of ours pulled off the sweetest surprise...

Felt the love. :)

I guess too much celebration of the introvert in me has made me forget how nice it was to be surrounded by people on my actual birthday.  I'm thankful to be reminded of it. :)

And as anyone else knows, birthdays are equal to pig-outs!  In the past, I would prepare a spread for my and Hon-some's families but early on this year, I decided all that birthday cooking made me too tired and took away the fun in the celebration.  So this year, I decided to just take everyone out.  First off, Hon-some and I had lunch at Yabu where I was treated to a free birthday meal by the restaurant.  Yes, free! :)

Then it was Casa Verde where we had potato skins and the Cebu-famed baby back ribs with my family.  I missed the ribs...and the P128 price tag it used to come with.  The ribs were still good, though, and still amazingly fall-off-the-bone.

As much as I enjoyed the day (and ended it responding to all text and FB greetings), I welcomed the following day (a school holiday) as an ode to my usual birthday routine.  I had "me" time and had breakfast at Pi Breakfast and Pies.  And then took a stroll in the mall and treated myself to an item or two.  Or three (haha!).  And then I willed myself to do nothing upon arriving home and opted to catch up with Season 2 epsisodes of Once Upon A Time before taking a nap (saaarraaaaappp...).  I juiced some fruits and veggies and just before the day ended, I sewed because my fingers got itchy.

Skillet Fritata at Pi Breakfast and Pies

'Twas a lovely birthday.  The loveliest I've had in years. :)

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