Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Tidbits

I always find that my weekends are busier than my weekdays.  In between grocery shopping, house cleaning, other household chores, and social commitments which crop up every now and then, finding pockets of time to do things I like is somewhat akin to finding a pin in a haystack.  Fortunately, there are ways to work around the hustle and bustle of weekend commitments.  Other times when finding ways seems next to impossible, it's a matter of praying for blissful and satisfying moments.

On Saturdays, when our tiny home is still and peaceful and dark, I wake up and sew and sew and sew until dawn greets me.  It took several Saturdays but I finally finished these...

They're felt bread slices!  It's 3D so there's stuffing inside and I scaled it to the size of real slices of bread!  Now I'm onto thinking what will be in between the slices.  Peanut butter and jelly?  BLT?  :)

Last weekend, Hon-some and I mostly stayed in.  And staying in meant cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  We had a leisurely lunch of pizza subs and minestrone.  And while I forgot to take pictures, I also whipped up chili cheese fries and pasta. 

To cap off the weekend, I turned to my unread pile of books.  What can be more luxurious than sitting on a couch, a book in one hand, and a cup of tea in the other?  I just finished the first book and I'm now reading Hollow City.  The book is just oh-kay (but then again, I'm no longer 16) but I do understand why it's been picked up to be made into a movie.  That should be interesting.

The weekend that was.  Uneventful, perhaps, but nonetheless relaxing and quite productive.  After all, aren't weekends meant for unwinding, putting up one's feet to de-stress, and slowing down?  :)

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