Monday, May 5, 2014

The One About the Chinese Cooking Class

Hon-some and I love Chinese cuisine.  On days that permit us to do so, we love waking up early in the morning and driving to Binondo to have breakfast.  There, we would have more than our fill of authentic Chinese fare. In fact, our trips to Hong Kong almost always highlight the food, not the scenery nor the crazy shopping.

Sadly, Chinese cooking is my Achilles' heel.  Even after many attempts, I never get it authentically right.  Sure, my Yang Chow fried rice is good enough...but it’s not authentic.  For some reason, online recipes I have found have yielded lackluster results.

Fortunately, 25 Mushrooms Kitchen came to the rescue!  25 Mushrooms Kitchen initially offered their cooking classes to household helpers to improve their cooking repertoire, much to the happiness of the employers who have graciously enrolled them in a class or two...or more.  Happily, they also accommodate non-household helpers like newlyweds or anyone who’s itching to perfect a particular recipe or cuisine.  Their lineup of classes have always piqued my cooking diva interest but when they opened a Chinese Dimsum and Dumpling class, I knew I had to enroll.  Right.  Away.

So right away I went!  About seven recipes were taught via demonstrations and – if you volunteer – hands-on experience.  The instructors were very generous in sharing what they knew about dimsum and dumplings – precise ingredients and where to get them, exact measurements, recommended brands of specific ingredients that yield the best dimsum.

In one day, I had my fill of the following Chinese fare...


Lo Ma Gai or Machang (sans the wrapping)

Radish Cake

Shrimp Chong Fan

Beancurd Roll

Seafood Cabbage Roll

At one point, I got tired from taking pictures and just wanted to munch away but we also made buchi and steamed spareribs.

I super enjoyed my cooking class and felt that the P1,100 that I invested for learning that day was well-spent!  Will write a blog post again once I make that trek to the Chinese grocery and churn out lovely dimsum beauties of my own!

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