Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Popcorn Bunnies and Cheetos Carrots Craft Tutorial

With Easter just around the corner, establishments like hotels and malls are busy drumming up their respective Easter egg hunts and celebrations.  I don’t really celebrate Easter but I love the fact that it signals the beginning of spring.  While spring isn’t really an apparent season here in my neck of the woods (more like summer all year long), I am amused by the burst of pastel colors that fashion houses release and the vibrant blooms that dot the metro…and my Instagram feed.  If you’d rather spend your money on spring fashion (have you seen all those lovely little white dresses?!?!) and veer away from exorbitant Easter egg hunt fees, you can still spread the same cheer in your home with this lovely little spring craft.

Instead of eggs, how about having kids hunt for popcorn bunnies with matching Cheetos carrots?  I’m sure they will appreciate the adorable twist.

Popcorn bunnies

Since the treat bags are clear and since I’d like to show you very clearly how I adjusted them to look like bunny faces and carrots, I’m using a pink-colored sheet of construction paper to show the folds.

I simply taped the folds using clear sticky tape.

Once the bags were ready, I filled them up with popcorn.  I gathered the opening and used pipe cleaners to seal the bags.  I made sure there was an excess of pipe cleaner about 1 ½” tall on each side.  That’s where I will be attaching the ears.

For the ears, I drew a pair on white construction paper and cut them out.  You can tape or hot glue them onto the pipe cleaners.

For the face, I drew one on matte sticky paper so it was easier to place onto the treat bag.

Cheetos carrots

Cone-shaped plastic treat bags are hard to come by in my country so I settled for rectangular ones, about 5”x6”.

Here are the instructions for the folds.  Again, I simply taped them to keep the cone shape of the bag.

After filling the bags with Cheetos, I gathered the opening and sealed the bag using an elastic band and a green satin ribbon to mimic “carrot tops.”

Easy peasy, right?  In true Easter fashion, it’s like giving the old tired egg hunt a new lease on life. :)

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