Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The One About My High School Friends

Lots of things have been fighting for my attention these days. I have a backlog of stories THIS big. Anyway, several weeks ago, my high school friends and I met up for dinner at my house. Rona has just gone home to Manila for a vacation from Australia while Tin was about to leave for Canada so it was the perfect time to get together and catch up. It was supposed to be a pasta party as I had suggested but the call of variety was insistent. And so, we feasted on vegetable lasagna with homemade crepe noodles (now who would be sooo crafty to make this? *wink*), carbonara, Yellow Cab pizza and chicken wings, and cake. I also made a salad of mesclun green, grapes, and fried cheese with balsamic dressing. As a party favor, I made pasta party tubs.

I filled a tub with ribbon-shaped and penne pasta noodles then made labels like this one in front of the tub...

...and at the back!

Then on top of the tubs, I made labels using my friends' initials.

Here's a shot of all four of us. :)

Happy party crafting!

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