Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The One Under the Tuscan Sun

Last weekend, my parents and I hied off to Tagaytay for some much-needed R&R. We stayed at the One Tagaytay which was a nice, quaint hotel to stay in. I was especially excited because my mom and I have been wanting to visit Marcia Adams' Tuscany, a restaurant that is in some ways in the same league as Sonya's Garden is in because it has the same secret garden ambience and fine food. Marcia Adams' has a Tuscan feel to it and is owned by - who else - Marcia Adams!

I could smell lavender as we walked along the garden.

The main dining hall. It has a rustic and homey feel to it. :)

Photographs and artworks were posted on the walls.

Love the plates... :)

I was so ready for the gastronomic feast!

We started with some breaded prawns on super thin, wafer-like crackers. The prawns were thick and juicy. :)

We also had some apple-onion chutney on a slice of cheese on crackers. This was really yummy!

We ordered the Aegean salad: mixed greens, grilled pear, cottage cheese, roasted pistachios, and red peppercorns in a tangy herb dressing. Red peppercorns! Delish!

I super enjoyed the Al Funghi Pasta. Fresh mushrooms and basil in olive oil.

The chicken kebabs were smoky and yet still moist and juicy inside. I enjoyed it with the grilled veggies and couscous.

I'm not really big on sweets but I couldn't resist the panna cotta with lemon sauce. The lemon sauce won me over since it did not make the whole dish as sweet as desserts commonly are.

I washed everything down with a bottle of Bundaberg beer from Australia. It's non-alcoholic so, yes, I am now a (non-alcoholic) beer drinker.

Another round, please. :)

Marcia Adams' Tuscany is one place that can rival Sonya's Garden although Sonya's Garden has an advantage because they offer unlimited servings. Still, Marcia Adams' Tuscany - with its food and Tuscan come-hither appeal, is a place worth going to for relaxation and even inspiration. In fact, my mom got so inspired to be crafty with the beer bottles that she actually asked the waiter to rummage through the kitchen and bring her as much empty beer bottles as he could find! :)

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