Monday, August 9, 2010

The One About Meow and Yum

I grew up watching musicals. My mom brought me to watch My Fair Lady starring Lea Salonga at the Meralco Theater when I was in sixth grade. From that day on, I got hooked. Most people are always on the lookout for the upcoming movies; I always find myself on the lookout for the upcoming theatrical productions.

My family and I saw Cats: Now and Forever last week at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Watching how every cast member perfectly executed the graceful moves of a cat brought me back to my ballet days. A particular highlight was when the musical's iconic Memory was sung not just by Lea Salonga but also by a foreign cast member -- in Tagalog! The Tagalog lyrics were supposedly lifted from a poem by Pete Lacaba, as I have recently learned.

The play deserves two thumbs-up! And if I my mom made lihi to mussels while she was pregnant with me, Cats: Now and Forever gets that extra thumb up as well. :)

On another note, all that shopping at Forever 21 (have you seen my paparazzi photo yet?) have paid off:

All for free from Pizza Hut, thanks to my superb card-swiping skills!

Meanwhile, take a look at these vintage images:

They've inspired me to pursue a new craft project. Wait and see. :)

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