Monday, August 16, 2010

The One About the Vintage Recipe Binder

Remember my last post when I shared some vintage photos? Well, I took inspiration from those pictures and made this:

I made a vintage-themed recipe binder!

I enjoy cooking and I happen to have loose clippings of recipes from magazines, newspapers, and the internet. I've been wanting to organize them for some time now. I got myself a relatively inexpensive binder and sought out some nice vintage pictures.

This is the cover up close.

Real recipes are on the cover.

A vintage-drawn homemaker making magic in the kitchen

I just had to include this picture as it had vintage written all over it!

This is was the original image I got from the internet.

I wasn't too happy with it so I tweaked it to look like this!

I have just finished doing only the cover. I have to work on the contents but, for sure, vintage is the theme that will resonate throughout the whole binder. I'll post more pages soon!

Happy crafting! :)

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