Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The One When We Came, Saw, and Conquered the Heavenly Sofitel Spiral Buffet

Oh yes, we did! Thanks to CashCashPinoy, TB (as The Fiance shall now be known henceforth) and I were able to get vouchers to dine at Sofitel at 50% off! CashCashPinoy and other groupon websites can be real gold mines.

Anyway, we were close to celebrating 42 blissful months of togetherness so dining at Sofitel was a great way to celebrate.

I purposely wore my loose boyfriend shirt to hide my ballooning tummy. Hahaha!

Beautiful cutlery

My first round - er, course: grilled eggplant with yogurt, pate, cerveti salad (sausages, onion, pickles), lettuce with olive tapenade, and hummus with pistachio-crusted dinner roll (because there was no pita bread)

Second course: tuna and salmon sashimi, crab stick, California maki roll, tuna maki roll, and sushi rice with toppings

Third course: ham and veggie pizza, pesto and olive oil pizza, Thai grilled prawns with lemongrass, dimsum, Thai grilled pork

Fourth course: Peking duck, prime ribs, ratatouille, and mashed potato with apple compote

Fifth course: Escargot soup. I usually start with a bowl of soup but with the hundreds of dishes there, I didn't get to see the soup at the start.

Sixth course (by this time, TB had given up. Hehe!): Soba noodles, shrimp and pomelo salad, chicken yakitori

Seventh course: chocolate creme brulee and truffle cake. This was supposedly my last course. I wasn't big on sweets but I could never resist creme brulee. Both were delightfully too sweet so after finishing my plate, I looked for something salty which led me to have my...

Eighth course: Gorgonzola cheese, Rebluchon, Manchego, goat cheese with ash, Caprice des dieux, and dried apricots.

So there you go. Yet another buffet conquest. I usually have seven courses but the Sofitel buffet made me beat my own record! To make things sound even more disgusting, there were no resting, no breaks, no "Rest muna ako...pababain ko lang kinain ko" moments in between courses. I rest my case; thy name is gluttony.

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  1. Gluttony it may be for others but for Spiral lovers, it is simply the best dining experience! :) I am just glad that it will re-open this November, I can't wait to eat foie gras again! :) Hmmm...I think you missed out foie gras on your courses? :P Anyhow, you may want to share your photos on the ongoing photo contest of Sofitel on Facebook, it's called the Memories of Spiral. The link can be accessed here: