Friday, December 10, 2010

The One About the Recipe Binder (Part 2)

Remember when I started on making a vintage-themed recipe binder in order to organize all the recipes I have from newspapers, magazines, and the Internet? When I first wrote about it here, I only got
this far.

I was able to find the time to get more work into it.

I bought binder dividers to categorize the recipes.

The binder dividers weren't this pretty when I bought them. They were plain and came in generic blue, red, yellow, and green. So I bought some vintage-looking gift wrappers and Mod Podge-d them onto the dividers.

Words to live by...

One gift wrapper was enough to cover only four dividers. I went out to buy more of the same print but I just couldn't resist this print! It's a 1968 Tigger!

I printed the recipes, added pictures and clipart, and placed them in clear sheet protectors.

Now I can't wait to get started on cooking! Haha! Happy crafting -- and cooking!

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