Thursday, April 28, 2011

Picture-Perfect Thursday: Keep Calm and Carry On

Have you chanced upon at least one parody of Britain's World War II propaganda slogan? The internet is brimming with these parody posters and I'm still amused by all of it. For today, I'm posting some of my favorites.

This is the original slogan:

Now here are some of the parodies:

This speaks to me. :)

Great for a nursery! :)


And another "ehem..."

Hope floats...

This shirt is by Spoofs and The Tshirt Project. Funny! Find it here.

This is perfect when I walk down the aisle. Afterwards...


I found a website where you can create your own parody poster. Right here. I tried it and this is what I came up with:

What parody would you make? Share! :)

Save for the "Keep Calm and Carry Lang" shirt image and my "Gorgeous" one, I forgot where I found the rest. Sheesh...

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