Monday, June 4, 2012

The One About Going Back to the Basics

Last May 27th, my parents and I drove to Laguna for this event:

My mom and I were giddy with excitement.  My mom is especially into this kind of thing -- holistic, organic, natural products and recreation.  Being city people, we love the provincial/country life so it was exciting to get out of the city and enjoy some organic fun in the farm.

My mom. :)

This is what greeted us at the entrance. 

The farm featured several activities for the visitors:

A petting area

A play area equipped with a rope climbing wall and tire swings.



More play areas


Pony rides
I took shots of other interesting things:

There was a small rice paddy.

A charming birdhouse

A bath area

Quotes like this were dotted around the farm.  Take note that the quote was painted on canvas cloth.  Lovely alternative to tarp.

The gazebo served as the resting and refreshments area.  Several stalls sold homemade organic lunches and food items.  I was supposed to get a jar of mushroom tapenade but decided to get two bottles of fresh guyabano juice from Holy Carabao instead.

We also went around the stalls that sold lots of good stuff:

Refurbished furniture

Waldorf toys (my mom and I went nuts over these!)

I saw these taka horses at the Human Nature booth but they weren't for sale.  I almost jumped for joy when I saw this stall further down the fair...

Pretty, pretty takas made contemporary.

I wanted a traditional one, though, so this went home with me.  It came with a bayong.

These came home with me too.

It was a fun, fun, fun day!  Nowadays when children rarely go out and are usually stuck to their PSPs (hence, obesity and super short attention span; hehehe!), a fine day at the farm is a good option for a recreational activity to explore their world and stimulate their senses with natural textures, organic playmates (animals), and fresh, fresh produce.

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  1. wow! i hope we get to see more of these events (hopefully closer and more accessible to the city)!