Monday, July 2, 2012

The One About the Schultuete

Germans have this tradition of presenting children with a "school cone" on the first day of school.  The school cone is called a "schultuete" because the packaging takes the shape of a cone and is filled with school supplies and treats.  It is common to see school children walking the streets of Germany to school holding a schultuete which is prepared for them by their parents.

I had a German student once and on the first day of school, he came in with a schultuete.  I never forgot it.  So when Hon-some's nephew was going to school for the very first time, I just knew I had to make him one.

I used a cartolina and made a cone shape out of it.

 A year ago, I snapped up some sheets of adhesive fabric so I used it as a trimming for the cone.

 Then I filled it with school supplies.  I was supposed to put in candies and treats but I didn't want him to eat too much sugar.

 Then I used tissue paper and glued it in the inside edges of the cone then gathered the edges and tied it with a ribbon.

I left it for him even before he woke up on his first school day.

The happy school boy with his Daddy!

Have a craftin' week, everyone!

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