Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The One About My New Bento Box

It's a not-so-new bento box, actually.  I made this several months ago for Hon-some's niece to get him to gorge. :)  It was nice to discover how nifty I was with a toothpick. :)

 I used rice, chicken nuggets, Vienna sausages, cheese (for the parts of the face which were glued to the chicken nuggets using ketchup), and seedless grapes.  Oh, and a gummy hotdog sandwich for dessert.

Writing about this bento box has made me miss playing with food!  Anyway, happy crafting!


  1. these are cute! better than my feeble attempt at the art of bento. haha!


    1. Thanks, Ea! I'm not really an expert but I do try. Hahaha!