Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Tidbits: The Phantom of the Opera

This was the absolute highlight of my weekend...

It was supposed to be our (Hon-some and me) September date but something came up so Hon-some didn't get to go.  My brother got his ticket...and was so grateful because the play was so G-O-O-D!!!

My mom went to watch too!

 Even Mother Superior came to watch!

 The famed chandelier that (slowly) crashed onstage...

But fine, this was another highlight of my weekend...

Hon-some took me and his family to Nihonbashitei, a Japanese restaurant.

 The appetizer

 Spicy Toro Maki!  Super yummy!

Beef curry!

What a weekend it was!  I'm still on LSS mode from the songs in the musical.  Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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