Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Let's Go on a Date: July and August 2012

I know, right?!?!  Super backlog!  Still, I want to document this little anniversary date package I gifted Hon-some with.  Last June, we went on a binge feast at North Park.  Last July, we trooped over to Ace Water Spa for four hours of relaxing massage and steam baths.

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the spa so the picture I have here is from the Web (via Google Images).

Photo from here.

The spa was kind of strict about guests wearing the proper attire so if your significant other doesn't own a pair of trunks, well it's about time he does!  After we got dressed, we proceeded to the spa area.  I wouldn't say it was vast but at first, we didn't know where to start.

We started out with the soft massages like the bubble bed and bubble pool.  Relaxing whiffs of air and bubbles were emitted through small holes which massaged various points in the body.

Moderate massages like to rainfall acupuncture (strong drops of rain beat down your shoulders and back!) and the jet chair with foot massage were my favorites. :)

I love hard massages and the high pressure water massages were pleasantly mind-numbing.  Altogether, it was a wonderful experience for first-timers like us.  We went there first thing in the morning and capped off the date with a filling breakfast at McDonald's.

On another note, for our August date, Hon-some scored some "cheap" DVDs and had a DVD night at home.  I'm finally catching up on my favorite TV series while Hon-some's happy with his classic movies loot!

So there, our July and August dates.  Not really extravagant but special nonetheless. :)

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