Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The One About the Hip Pinoy Craft Fair

During my creative retreat (you can read about Day 1 here), I visited this event:

It was my first time to attend a craft fair and I was really excited!  Sooooo excited I forgot to take actual pictures of the event!  :)  So allow me to make up for that by showing the goodies I brought home so you may be enticed to visit the next craft fair (and believe, there are many!).

These beauties came home with me...

 I got these foam pencil toppers from Shin Digz Sari Crafts.  They were lovely and make for great gifts!

 I got these washi tapes from Hey Kessy.  I swear, washi tapes are love!

 I also got baker's twine from the same booth.  I can use it for wrapping gifts.

From Earthly Jewels Beads, I got this resin-making kit.  I bought some settings as well so I can use the resin in making jewelry.  Note to self:  find time to make these. :)

It was a fun day and there were so many stuff that I wanted to buy!  It was also great to have had the chance to talk to fellow crafters to talk about their handmade lovelies.  Can't wait for the next craft fair!

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  1. wow! i was supposed to go also but had another engagement. i'll definitely go next time!