Friday, January 11, 2013

The One About My New Craft Loot for 2013

New year, new craft loot!  I have not visited Divisoria since I was preparing for my wedding and that has been more than year.  As I walked the dingy, hot streets to buy supplies for some crafts that I'll be making for a friend's wedding, it dawned on me why I used to love it there.  The streets and pasilios are full of crafty finds!

 These scrapbook papers in the yummiest designs were selling for P50/dozen.

 These wooden alphabet stamps were selling for only P100 a pop!  I couldn't resist so I bought all kinds!

 I was dubious with this telephone stamp the first time I saw it...

 ...but I grabbed it (P60!!!) after I learned it could make this.  Don't ask me the connection between a phone and a sewing machine.

 I bought a hundred of these wooden spools only because they were too pretty. :)

I know I'll someday find use for these wooden beads.

 I can just stare their prettiness all day. :)

Happy crafting - and craft materials hoarding!


  1. wow great finds! i'm planning to go to Divi also. where exactly did you buy these? thanks!

    1. Thanks, Ea! I found them in Tabora and Ylaya streets. The wooden stamps I got from Divi mall. Happy crafting!