Monday, December 23, 2013

The One About Maple

Aaaaaaaaannnnddd the breakfast adventures continue!  :)  This is actually a late post as I had totally forgotten to blog about our dinner at Maple restaurant.  Maple restaurant, located in San Antonio Plaza and Shangri-La Plaza Mall, is the high-end all-day breakfast restaurant of the Pancake House group.  Once we learned about the new restaurant, we knew right away that we just had to dine there.  It was like the restaurant was built for people like us who love breakfast food but are looking for innovative recipes and imaginative breakfast menus.

 The place was almost packed on a Tuesday night.

 The restaurant offers the signature Pancake House fluffy pancakes but I really wanted something that I had never seen in a breakfast menu before so I opted to try the Chilean Mussels.

 I thanked my lucky stars that night for my choice!  It was soooo good!  Fresh Chilean mussels cooked in premium beer and saffron sauce.  I tasted white wine as well and it was heaven in my mouth.  It was served with large slices of crostini.

I downed all (yes, all!) the mussels with their yummy and refreshing Country Iced Tea.

Hon-some is a tapa lover so naturally, his taste buds gravitated toward the Prime Rib Tapa.  A marinated prime rib that rests on garlic rice and two eggs with tomato-onion salsa and atchara.  He's very particular about tapa marinades and this one was right on the mark.  The serving was good for two but telling us that would get you a good slap on your face.  Haha!

After our meal, I arrived at the following conclusions:

1.  Brinner (breakfast for dinner) rocks.  Really rocks.
2.  Breakfast food may be the easiest to prepare of all meals but not everyone gets it right.  Maple does.  Big time!
3.  A weeknight dinner date is so much more fun than one in a weekend.  :)

Here's to happy tummies!

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