Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Tidbits: Crafty Tidbits

Crafty Tidbit 1:  My good friend Ginger gifted me with a sewing box last New Year.  I'm in love with the vintage print!  I have just resumed making felt food with Miss Gertie (my sewing machine) and the box now houses all my felt food projects.  Now if only I can have the book version of the box!

Sorry for the dim lighting!

Crafty Tidbit 2:  After what seemed like forever, I finally picked up my knitting needles again last weekend and rediscovered the joy of knitting.  I don't particularly enjoy watching television but when I do, knitting is the perfect choice of craft because it's actually possible to enjoy maneuvering the needles and yarn while watching the boob tube.

Crafty Tidbit 3:  It's not really a craft magazine but I finally got my hands on a Darling magazine!  I have been lusting over this magazine for a long time now.  I am hoping it will give me a rush of inspiration the way Anthology does.  So far, I cannot put this darling down.

It's a new week, lovelies.  Make something beautiful. :)

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