Monday, April 21, 2014

The One About The Blog Edit

When 2014 ushered in new beginnings, I placed all my goals under the collective mantra “Become a better version of myself” (you can read about it here).  As I welcomed the new year, one of my promises to myself was to become a better blogger.  I began this blog back in 2009, the sole reason being I wanted to be able to document all my crafty endeavours.  Apart from that, this blog also served as a reminder for me to manage my workload and make time to make something with my hands.  I am, after all, more than my job.  Much as I love being a teacher, my crafting has permitted the lovely balance between my passion for my work and my passion for my interests.  The fact that I have a rather small but loyal audience is a bonus I am thankful for.

Still, I thought my little virtual space could use more TLC.  Having declared my intention of becoming a better blogger, Little Miss Pinay Crafter will be undergoing a blog revamp.  Okay, maybe “revamp” is a rather huge word for slight tweaks.  Blog edit, if you may.

These past few days, I have been poring over resources, blog samples, and inspirational pegs.  There are so many things to do:

A blog identity

Better template

A blog color motif

More tutorials

Blogging goals

Focused posts and entries

A blog moodboard

I'd like to make it clear that this will still primarily be a craft blog.  The blog edit will allow me to focus on my blogging intentions.  While I admit that the blog edit will take a huge chunk of my blogging (and even crafting) time, there is no need to fret over the lack of blog posts from yours truly.  I will still regale you all with my stories (Chocolate cheesecake brownies, anyone?  How about a handsewn kimono cardigan?  Will be blogging about them soon!) and, hopefully, you will notice the blog tweaking that will occur in the next weeks or so...or months!

And so, while it is lovely that I get all these “When are you posting something new on your blog?” queries, I hope you can shell out a little more patience and understanding for this blog edit.  I feel that this is something that I owe myself after having achieved maintaining a blog for almost five years now!  This time around, I’d like to make it better.  Excellence in blogging may be too big a goal to achieve but I haven’t even started the journey yet, and I am already basking in enjoyment.

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