Monday, December 15, 2014

Little Miss Pinay Crafter: Name that Tunic

My last post shared my experience at the Cebu International School Christmas Bazaar 2014.  I sold tunics, kimonos, and wrap skirts.  After a couple of weeks, they are finally live online for online claimants!  

Well, the tunic dresses for now, at least.  I put them under the banner collection "Name that Tunic."  Haha!

They're all made from cotton-blend fabric so they're super buttery soft on the skin!

 A stunning black tunic sprinkled with white stars (a refreshing take on white polka dots) spliced with red trimming

 A floral piece of navy, green, and pink spliced with pink trimming.  Sweet without being overly saccharine.

 A citrus take on florals spliced with white trimming

 Dainty pink florals spliced with pink trimming

 A lovely floral piece spliced with dark green trimming

 An interesting combination of blue with minute white dots made zesty with apple green trimming

A floral red and blue piece with red trimmming

Each tunic retails for only Php 1050!  

Free size.  Fits small to medium frames.
Shoulder:  16 inches
Bust:  39 inches
Hips:  42 inches
Length:  33 inches

For inquiries, shoot me a PM or email me at

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