Friday, December 5, 2014

The One About Taking a Leap (CIS Bazaar 2014)

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook account, you'd know immediately why this blog had been neglected for some time now.  When I started this craft and lifestyle blog, its main purpose was to simply be able to document all my inspired projects and creative pursuits.  I figured the blog was also a way to continually push me to tap into my creative side from time to time.  For years, people close to me have expressed admiration for my work and nudged me to try selling them.  I put them off for various reasons:  not enough time, not enough capital, etc.  However, during one of my solitude moments - when I'd think and ponder best - I visualized the kind of life I desired.  A passionate creative individual living a creative independent life.  I simply had to pursue it.  To this day, that vision continues to drive me and is the reason for taking the entrepreneurial plunge.

I had to stop making excuses and start making things happen.

So that's exactly what I did.  The idea for selling my stuff was born last summer.  Since I had two months off from work, my time was spent doing research, making samples, and sourcing materials.  I came up with a minimum viable product (wrap skirts) which received good feedback from people.  After that, I came up with a small line of clothing articles.  The whole time I was planning this, I knew there was only one place I wanted to start selling at -- Cebu.

So - again - that's exactly what I did (or where I went).  The months leading to the Cebu International School Christmas Bazaar was a frenzy of rejecting, tweaking, and approving samples, fabric sourcing, sewing, budgeting, more sewing -- it was crazy!  But I was very happy and inspired.

So last week, I debuted my products at the bazaar and the experience was nothing short of wonderful.  I had people checking out my stuff, purchasing them, asking if I had an online shop, taking a calling card.

I sold kimonos, tunic dresses, and wrap skirts in new prints.  And my handmade toys.  Fun!

If there's one takeaway from my trip to Cebu, it's that to trust in the magic of beginnings.  It may be scary and risky, but it's also worth it.  Plus, it gives you the motivation to keep moving forward and permit the magic to take you to further heights.

Cheers to new beginnings!

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