Friday, May 29, 2015

Meet Quaintrelle

If there's one thing (or two) that creating things has taught me, it is that producing beautiful things does wonders to the soul.  It is calming, it eradicates self-doubt (almost completely), and it makes you believe that everything is possible.  And so after the initial collection of tunic dresses that I produced, I am back with another albeit a smaller collection but still lovely nonetheless.

As I was in process of producing this new collection, I knew I wanted to do it right in terms of the label.  Little Miss Pinay Crafter is my virtual identity and while it was nice to be known by it, it didn't feel right to use it for my clothing line because I make other beautiful things...including in the kitchen.

And so, meet Quaintrelle.  The first collection under the label still has the whole tropical vibe even as we bid summer adieu because, admit it, the summer warmth still envelopes us all.
Plus, the pieces can still be worn year-round, making them your new wardrobe staples. They are all made from soft cotton.

Say hello to these lovelies...

Another good thing I did this time was I created each piece in SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE sizes (well, most of it anyway).  Here are the size charts.

Are they calling out to you now?  :)  One last good thing I'm doing for this collection is that, since it's a initial once under the Quaintrelle label, I'm treating all of you lovelies price-wise!  For a limited time, all of the dresses in the collection are priced at PhP 799 each!  What an incredible steal!

 Tunics from the previous collection are on sale too!  PhP 799 each!

Shoot me an email at for orders and inquiries!  Let me end this post by saying that this is just the first installment; a second installment is coming but for petite women.  :)

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