Monday, May 4, 2015

The One About the Furry Friends

It's been awfully quiet around here.  I remember a conversation I had with a fellow craftpreneur several months ago.  We talked about how keeping one's blog updated would prove to be a crafter's problem once he/she succumbs to the call of entrepreneurship.  As you can see, it has never been truer than now.

I hate the silence!  Let's fix that!

Several months ago -- and blog posts ago -- my husband and I started Joujoux, a line of handmade toys for children.  We are starting small and so far, the response to our handcrafted playthings has been encouraging.  I do all the crafting myself and so while fulfilling orders may take some time, we are grateful that customers have been understanding of our situation and appreciative of the charm of handmade.

A colleague of mine scored an animal cloth book from a garage sale.  Thing is, the animal pieces from the cloth book were no longer included.  And so she approached me for help...and I guess I came to the rescue. :)

I came up with my own versions of the animals, created the patterns and all, and came up with these furry, velcro-backed friends.

And that's how the furry friends found their homes...or rather, how the homes found some furry friends to house.  :)

Should you have customized soft toy requests, let us know here or shoot us an email at  We'll do the best we can to give you the gift of play. 

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