Monday, March 7, 2011

The One About Being Back in Cebu

Last weekend, Hon-some and I took on a trip back to Cebu -- my first visit after leaving it for Manila two years ago. I've made some really good friends there and it was great to be back!

We arrived in Cebu at 6:00 am from a 4:40 am flight (excited much?). I've been wanting to try breakfast at Hebrews at I.T. Park but it was still closed when we arrived so we ate in Jollibee instead. Hahaha! Everyone knows how fast a Jollibee meal can be consumed and with nothing to do until our 12 noon check-in time at our hotel, we hopped over to KFC and ate some more. Teehee! When we were full, we went to Ayala Center Cebu at The Terraces and had coffee and tea at Postrio.

After a heavy breakfast, we had a light lunch after checking in at the hotel and off we went to Cebu International School where I taught for two years to visit friends and former students (read: nursery students). I'm such a...

My Cebu-based friends and I had dinner that night.

We started the following day late and headed to SM Cebu for lunch at Don Merto's. I got a voucher (I'm such a coupon person!) from Buyanihan for a meal worth P600 and paid only P299!

I had the pork ribs while Hon-some had their bacon cheeseburger.

Mixed vegetable soup

Baked potato to go with my pork ribs

Mozzarella bites with marinara sauce. It was almost finished before I remembered to take a shot of it.

After lunch, we headed to Paradise Village to pay my former landlord a visit. Come dinner time, we met up with my Cebu-based cousin at Maya Mexican Restaurant. I have been wanting to eat here. I just had my birthday and I never really planned a big celebration in Manila because I wanted to splurge (it's pricey kasi) at Maya. I got my wish!

The place screams Mexican with its handblown glass candles and Aztec-looking masks. It's run by those who operate Abaca resort.

Group shot before eating!

Quezo Fundido!

Chicken Enchiladas!

Chimichanga with Carne Asada!

Best Mexican food I've ever tasted!!! I'd go back to Cebu as often as I can just to eat in Maya!!! That won't be a problem much longer, though, because Maya will be opening a Manila branch this year! Can't wait!

On our last day, we spent the morning fixing our stuff and purchasing pasalubong...

100% Belgian chocolate lace cookies from Don Merto's (only in Cebu!)

Cebu lechon
"Best roasted pig in the world" - Anthony Bourdain

Last shot before we leave.

It was indeed great to be back! :)

P.S. Did you notice the sport shirt parade going on? (white, red, orange) Hahaha!

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