Thursday, March 31, 2011

Picture-Perfect Thursday: Anthology Magazine

I first learned about Anthology magazine from the blog of Daphne Osena-Paez, the only local celebrity I worship. When I visited the website and saw the preview videos of the first and second issues (fantastically made stop motion videos!), I knew I had to get my hands on them. Their website is filled with charming and inspiring images. It's a treasure trove of endless design and style inspiration.

A camera made from cardboard.

Some things aren't what they seem...

Pet portraits

A state of chaos has never looked so pretty...

Green apples in a bowl of concrete (as in concrete!). Who knew?

Lightsaber lamp?

I was falling madly in love with the magazine! Unfortunately at first, the subscription was only open to US and Canada residents so I was searching for family who were based there who could help me out.

Thankfully, a little store in Cubao Expo decided to be the local distributor of Anthology magazines, albeit very limited copies. Once I found out about it, I made a mad dash to Cubao Expo to purchase the magazines.

They've come out with just two issues so far and now I have both of them - for a rather steep price.

Now I'm falling even deeper in love with the magazine.

I'm not in a rush to read them, though. For something so precious as these, I tend to wait for the right moment - some alone time at home, a lovely Italian lunch, a weekend brunch, in a quaint coffee shop. Just like a delicately printed vintage cup of tea, these magazines are to be savored as they are read. Reading them isn't akin to reading Harper's Bazaar (my other guilty pleasure); reading them is a lovely experience in itself.

I'm linking their website here. Lots of inspirational stuff.

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