Friday, March 11, 2011

Picture-Perfect Thursday: Lovely Package

Oops! I did it again! Picture-Perfect Thursday is one day late again! This time, though, I totally forgot to upload the pictures. I had them all ready yesterday morning and then the thought of blogging about them flew out of my mind.

Anyhoo, this week, I pay homage to lovely, lovely, lovely (oh, but they really are that lovely) packaging. I'd buy these if only for the packaging.

These are perfume bottles.

The bottles do the deciding for you.

Pasta noodles in really nice boxes.

This puts the "box" in boom box.

Pure happiness

This just made the panettone even more holiday-ish.

70% chocolate, 30% whimsy

Out came the sneaks

Cork has never looked this nice.

These are - would you believe - wedding invitations. In Greek language, there is a saying that uses the term "hang" instead of "marry." So when the father of the bride says, "I will hang you," it means he will tie you with the bond of marriage.

Makeup. I. Drool.

Juice boxes! Nifty! :)

All pictures from Lovely Package

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