Thursday, June 23, 2011

The One About the Jewelry Bouquet

When I announced my engagement last year and had received good wishes from family and friends, a lot of them expected that I would churn out a "crafty" wedding, so to speak.  Handmade invitations and DIY wedding favors were just some of their crafty expectations.  While I have to admit that I am a big admirer of homespun backyard weddings like those in the States, I had to choose between being crafty - and thrifty altogether - and being relaxed and beautiful on my big day.

Creating invitations and wedding favors for about 200 guests would inevitably leave me haggard and so I went with the latter option.  Still, I wasn't about to get hitched without being a tad crafty.

Since the start of the engagement, I had been collecting vintage-looking jewelry.  Remember this post?  I had initially planned on making a entire wedding bouquet out of jewelry.  However, when I talked to my florist, the lure of fresh flowers was hard to resist.  I'm a sucker for fresh flowers.  If I could, I'd buy fresh flowers everyday and nix the room spray.

So my florist and I decided on a bouquet of white roses (which happened to be my favorite) but I asked her if she could include the jewelry "flowers" I had painstakingly made (I still have burnt fingers from the hot glue to show for it).  Delightfully, she said yes and this was how the bouquet turned out:

The purple flowers on my bouquet (the big one) were paper and fabric flowers.  Can't be seen much in the photo but I beaded some pearls as well and they served as elegant accent pieces.

I happened to make a lot of the jewelry "flowers" so each of my bridesmaids and maid of honor got some in their bouquets as well. 

The beaded flower at the bottom is a cocktail ring!
It was like a hidden gift as they could deconstruct the bouquet and use the jewelry after the wedding.

Happy crafting! :)

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