Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weekend Tidbits

Happy midweek, lovelies!  Here's a (late) post on how my weekend was.  Hon-some and I, along with my parents, drove all the way to the PICC Forum for the 45th International Bazaar 2011.  My mom and I literally went through all the stalls!  Here are some of the stuff I got:

I didn't get to find this dried cuttlefish on our trip to Hong Kong last August.  I was delighted to find it in the bazaar.  The small pack contains some barbecued chicken patties which I got at the Singapore booth.  Perfect as Hon-some's baon to the office.  Too yucky to take pictures of because I had already placed them in the freezer, I also bought packs of Hungarian and Kielbasa sausages.  I'm thinking penne pasta right now...

I also got this four-pack of Bundaberg Lemon Ale.  I had my first bottle at Marcia Adams.


I got this soothing pack from a stall which was incidentally owned by a parent from my former workplace, The Learning Connection.  I have yet to try it but it appears to be great.  You microwave it for 2-3 minutes and it just soothes your sore muscles and aching shoulders.  It can also be frozen to be used for fever and burns.
I looked at all my purchases and I thought, "Loads of food stuff and a soothing pack?!?!"  No clothes, no pairs of shoes, no bags.  I'm such a wife...

After the bazaar, we went to Kanin Club for dinner.  We totally heart the Seafood Kare-Kare there so much that it's a staple every time we order.  In fact, it's become like a utensil.  We have our spoon, our fork, our knife, and our Seafood Kare-Kare.  :)


We also had to try their Crispy Pata.  The prawn crackers reminded me of Kuya Germs (teehee!).
I hope your weekend was just as fun.  Enjoy the rest of the week, lovelies! :)

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