Thursday, January 5, 2012

The One About New Year 2012 (What We Ate)

What we devoured with much gusto in the City of Pines...

Army Navy's Starving Sailor, Freedom Fries, and Tortilla Soup

A Korean feast at the Korean Meat Shop and Restaurant

We asked for 6 orders of pork and beef.  Then after cooking the meat, we sort of ate it shawarma-style by filling a lettuce leaf with the meat...

salad...which had a lovely hint of sesame oil

and kimchi.

Hon-some ordered rice but he refused to eat it after discovering it was black rice.  I was only too happy to eat it for him. :)

Brewed coffee, French apple pie, and chocolate lemon tart at the Hillstation Cafe in Casa Vallejo

Crispy pata at Barrio Fiesta (because it was 50% off!)

We ransacked The Manor's gift package.

Dived into The Manor's breakfast buffet...


Tuna and potato salad, Caprese salad (but they used local tomatoes), and salad greens which I partnered with crispy bacon


Vegetables, corned beef, garlic rice, and more bacon

A croissant and an egg white omelette.  I always asko for egg white omelettes whenever I eat in a buffet.  At home, I don't dare waste a good egg yolk.

 A waffle with very little maple syrup and loads of butter cream!  Still, it was lacking something...


Now I'm starting the new year dealing with this glutton guilt.

For stuff we did in Baguio, click here.

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