Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The One About the File Labels

What do you do with newspaper clippings, downloaded Internet articles, recipe files that you acquire or collect?  A lot of times, these loose papers get stuck in the middle of the pages of a book, moonlighting as a page saver, or it gets thrown away by accident.

To organize them, I got an expanding envelope from the school supplies store...

Then I made alphabet tabs.  Yes, I'm resolving to alphabetize my clippings and other loose pages so education articles goes into "E," or that cauliflower soup recipe (while it awaits for its entry into my vintage recipe binder) goes into "C."  That way, I can look for them easily, knowing there's just one place to look for them.

And because I'm not one for boring, plain labels, I jazzed them up by using scrapbook paper as background.  Nothing like a pop of color to an otherwise boring black expanding envelope.

How fun it is to be crafty and organized! :)

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