Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The One About New Year 2012 (What We Did)

For the third straight year, my family and I spent our New Year celebration in Baguio.  Hon-some was in tow this time.  Here's an account of the things we did:

We stayed at The Manor in Camp John Hay:

Checked out Casa Vallejo (Hill Station Cafe and Mt. Cloud Bookshop, too):


 I don't normally like ladders, but I'd climb one if it leads to books.

I still dream about this piece of furniture.

 Couldn't resist leaving without a few purchases. :)

Had "alone" time "together" at Starbucks:

Listened to a harpist:

Joined the New Year celebration:

With that, happy new year!  Cheers to a blockbuster 2012!

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