Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Nugget

I have watched Susan Cain's TED talk and I was mesmerized by the things she said.  All I can think of after watching her talk was that it was okay to be an introvert.  In fact, I should celebrate the fact that I am.  In a society that celebrates extrovert-attributed successes, it was astonishing to realize that quiet, shy, and solitude-loving individuals are behind a number of remarkable successes as well.  I can't wait to read Susan Cain's book but that will have to wait until my self-imposed book-buying ban is lifted.  Teehee.  Until then, I will content myself with Cain's TED talk and this lovely nugget on solitude.

Happy midweek, lovelies. :)

P.S.  Sorry for the blurry photo.  It was meant to just be small. :)

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