Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The One About the Wedding Boutonniere

A dear friend of mine is getting married next year and she asked me to make samples of boutonnieres for the groomsmen.  Her wedding motif is blush and silver-gray and she wanted a vintage-themed celebration.  Vintage-themed weddings are the best, in my opinion.  It evokes so much love and intimacy unlike other themes that border on extravagance and pretenses.

So anyway, when I was brainstorming for the designs of the boutonnieres, I thought of the concept of "key to my heart."  Really, what could be more vintage than that?

I came up with two samples.  This is Boutonniere 1:

And this is Boutonniere 2:

 Note to self:  Be mindful not to expose the holes of the pearls.  Haha!

 See what I mean?

I used a vintage-looking fabric to cover the key.

I used regular keys for the samples but when everything is finalized, I'd love to use those vintage skeleton keys.  I hope I can find a handful of those by then.

Happy crafting, everyone!

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