Friday, May 17, 2013

The One About Mezza Norte

Last Friday, Hon-some and I checked out Mezza Norte in its newest location in Trinoma.  We arrived really early; they had just opened up and some stalls were still being set up.

We saw the Philly Cheesesteak truck.  Didn't have that in their former site.

We were eager to try it out so we bought one to share.

It was overpriced, poorly constructed, and bland!!!  Hon-some said he's tasted better ones.

The paella was much better than the sandwich.  

But this tuyo pasta from another stall (I forget which one) was the bomb!!!  It was so good!

We got all our food for takeout because the weather was humid and we wanted to chow all the food down at home.  I'm already thinking of what to eat next time!  I saw these really good-looking hotdogs and I also want to try the Taiwanese chicken chops.  Plus, I've missed Merry Moo's salted caramel ice cream!

How I ramble when the topic is food!  Check the place out! :)

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